Atoka, TN and Munford, TN Area Guide

History of Atoka, TN

Atoka, Tennessee is located in Tipton County, just 25 miles north east of Memphis, and is within the Memphis metropolitan area.  The town consists of only 6.67 square miles and has an estimated population of over 3,000 residents.  There is a large focus on family here, and much of the housing is designed with family living in mind. 

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History of Munford, TN

The origins of the Town of Munford can be traced all the way back to the 1850s when the Mt. Zion Methodist Episcopal Church moved to the area (where the Munford Presbyterian Church downtown is now located).  After the move, a small community sprung up around the church, and the town was officially named Mt. Zion after the post office was opened in 1856.

In addition to the Mt. Zion Church, Munford was also home to the Tipton Lodge which was founded by Free and Accepted Masons in 1853.  The lodge is the second oldest Masonic Lodge in Tipton County.  The area was also home to the Memphis District High School (then known as the Dyersburg District High School) which was operated by the Memphis Conference of the Methodist Church.  The school was later sold to the Tipton County Board of Education, and was the forerunner of Munford Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.

In 1874, Mt. Zion’s post office was closed, and in order to have it reopened a new name would have to be chosen to avoid confusion between Mt. Zion, Tennessee and Mt. Zion, Pennsylvania.  New appointed Postmaster, G.B. Sale, asked his daughter to come up with a new name, and she chose to name the town Munford after the late Colonel R.H. Munford of Covington who had formerly served as the Tipton County Clerk, County Register of Deeds, Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court, and Mayor of Covington.  Although the name was officially changed to Munford in 1886, several parts of the town were still known as Mt. Zion until Munford was incorporated by an Act of the Tennessee General Assembly and S.H. Bass was elected as the first mayor.

Parks & Recreation

The Munford Parks and Recreation Department is committed to improving the quality of life of the residents here by offering a variety of programs and facilities for use by the general public.  The department is responsible for maintaining and improving park facilities, developing programs for seniors, hosting community events, developing sports programs, and constructing recreation facilities. 

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There are plenty of things to do to keep Munford residents busy, including a variety of shopping options like Racine S, Sherrie Flowers & Gifts and You-All’s Country Gift Store. 

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Ginger Whitlock
Ginger Whitlock