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Arlington, Tennessee is home to approximately 9,700 and is the eastern-most municipality in Shelby County.  Arlington is a town rich in history and heritage in the midst of vibrant growth. Arlington offers excellent schools, community activities, and commercial amenities all with a strong sense of small-town charm.  For more information, please visit Arlington’s official website at:


Arlington has been called Shelby County’s best-kept secret and rightly so as it has remained a small quiet rural Town for two centuries. Despite its recent growth, the tranquility prevails in our neighborhoods while star-filled skies outshine street lamps.

First Settlement

Settlers came in the area in the 1830’s and many of their descendants still live in Town. Originally known as Haysville, the Town was named after the original landowner, Samuel Jackson Hays, a nephew of President Andrew Jackson. The area began to grow with the development of the Memphis and Ohio railroad and the creation of Withe Depot within its boundaries. By 1856, about two hundred people called Haysville home, but growth ceased with the onset of the Civil War as our native sons joined The Cause, many never to return. Another nearby disaster, the outbreak of Yellow Fever in Memphis in 1878, also contributed to the stagnant population as the Town fathers quarantined this area, forbidding outsiders from entering the Town.
In 1883, the name of the Town was changed to Arlington, a name suggested by Captain Henry Pitman. He had visited the national cemetery in Virginia and thought it was the most beautiful spot on the earth. Arlington is probably the only Town named for a cemetery!
The community received its charter from the State of Tennessee in December 1900, then with a population of slightly over 600. Like many small communities, Arlington suffered losses during the World Wars; the 1950 census shows only 465 residents, and the 1960 census lists 651. Arlington had 1,742 residents on its centennial. A special census conducted in early 2004 revealed that Arlington is currently home to over 5,000 people.

Community Development

A real treat for the early citizens of Arlington was to board a westbound train for Memphis, sometimes becoming an overnight adventure in the big city. But, residents did not have a real need to visit the bigger city; the necessities of life could be found within its own Town square.
By the end of the 19th Century, the community boasted its own post office, physician, druggist, cotton gin, lumber store, several general stores, a blacksmith, a meat market, and an undertaker. The center of Town then, as it is today, was S.Y. Wilson & Co. In the early 1900’s, it furnished for its customers practically everything imaginable – meat, groceries, sewing notions, clothes, feed and seed. (Today it is primarily a hardware, feed and seed store.) Long-standing residents can attest to the changes that have been made.
This little historical town may no longer be a best-kept secret, but its people and its charm will continue to remind us all that we must preserve our past while planning our future.
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Attractions & Activities

Blacksmith Shop
Complete with a brick forge, a bellows from the 1800's and many other carpentry essentials, this shop is one of the few working blacksmith shops in the United States. The shop is a feature attraction when demonstrations are given during the annual "Arlington in April" festival. Owned and operated by the Arlington Chapter of the APTA.  Please visit for this and more information on Arlington’s Blacksmith Shop.

Historic Post Office
This post office, built in 1900, is now a museum of postal items and memorabilia honoring local citizens who served in the armed forces. The building is also listed on the National Register for Historical Places. Maintained and operated by the Arlington Chapter of the APTA.  Find out this and more about Arlington’s historic post office by visiting:


Arlington in April
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Since 1990, the town of Arlington has celebrated its community spirit and history with the annual Arlington in April festivities. This annual event is traditionally held on the last weekend of April in the historic downtown area. In years past, Arlington in April has featured events such as:

  • Live Bluegrass Music
  • Children's Corner/Games & Crafts
  • Petting Zoo/Pony Rides
  • Over 50 Craft & Specialty Booths
  • Book Sale at the Arlington Branch Library
  • Lemonade Garden at 6051 Chester Street
  • Working Blacksmith Tours
  • Live Auction
  • Water Garden Tours
  • Wagon & Stagecoach Rides

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Parks and Recreation

Arlington Sports Complex
The Arlington Sports Complex is located at 11307 Memphis-Arlington Road near the Arlington Developmental Center.  The complex features 4 lighted baseball diamonds with electronic scoreboards.  The center of the complex features a concession stand/scorekeeper's building which was newly constructed in 2003.  The concession stand is located on the ground level with scorekeeper booths for each diamond on the second level.  The sports complex also features 3500 feet of nature trails and a picnic area with tables and charcoal grills.  For this and more information, please visit:

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