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Welcome to Team Whitlock's Premier Real Estate Website Serving Millington, TN and Surrounding Areas

Memphis If you would like information about homes for sale in the greater Millington, TN area, you've come to the right place! We offer the latest MLS listings, prices realized and neighborhood details for many high-quality Millington homes for sale that can help you purchase a great home intelligently.

Purchasing a home in the greater Millington, TN area makes sense because Millington offers many benefits that make living in Shelby County worthwhile. Some of these benefits include:

Access to Many Memphis-area Attractions

Millington is located within a 30-mile radius of many popular Memphis-area attractions. Some of our clients' favorite attractions include Glen Eagle Golf Course, the Memphis Convention Center, the Beale Street Historic District, the Old Millington Winery and Meeman Shelby Forrest State Park. Other popular attractions include the National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis International Speedway and Elvis Presley's legendary Graceland home.

Access to Many Popular Colleges and Universities

Millington's convenient location near US Highway 51 and Interstate 269 offers access to many popular Memphis-area colleges and universities. Some of these colleges and universities include:
  • The University of Memphis.
  • Southwest Tennessee Community College.
  • Remington College.
  • Rhodes College.

Access to Many Fun Events

The Millington-area is home to many fun events that offer a great way to socialize and meet new people. Some of our favorite events include:

  • Millington's Flag City Freedom Celebration.
  • The Millington International Goat Days Festival.
  • A fall festival and Halloween celebration that attracts thousands of children each year.
  • A weekly farmers market that attracts many of the Memphis area's most popular farmers and producers of specialty foods.

Millington Residents Also Enjoy a Wonderful Standard of Living

Millington residents enjoy a wonderful standard of living that has been recognized by and other websites for its low living costs, safe neighborhoods and great schools. This is not surprising because Millington residents work hard each day to create a great place to call home that is inclusive, inviting and peaceful.

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We are eager to show you how we can help you purchase a Millington home. As a result, we encourage you to email or call us soon to learn how we can help you purchase a Millington-area home that is a wonderful long-term value for your family.